Her Soul

The first touch of yours made me believe you are the conqueror filled with love for me. I was speechless but the tears of your eyes made me rejoice.  The days passed by and you proved to be the shield to protect me from all the miseries. I have always wondered how lucky that lady is who you have loved immensely, but now when I stepped into your life I have felt my presence more precisely. I could see the dreams in your eyes to show the world how fearless I am.

The first lady of your life looks at me with her eyes filled with love dragging my heart to see her as a friend of mine. She is the one who bestows her love; the days I spend, turn me to feel grand, without your love I have nothing in hand.

Now with the days I have spent, I have nothing to repent. I have grown up with the emotions which covers my soul to walk miles with the new hope. I am shy to reveal it to you that now I have met him, a new phase of life promising to give a crown but still I frown.

New dreams, new promises bring those remembrances’, I don’t know where I am heading but the new love is my new feeding. I don’t want to lose you either but about him I do bother. He says to be on my side I am unable to keep my dreams aside.

Will you allow me? As I don’t want to flee! I know the love for me is not just a dead tree.

I know it pains to leave me with my new love but deep down your heart you are expecting it to be a new curve. At-last you made your mind and agreed to let me go with my new love. The first lady of your life hugged me tight before I left for the new roads I shall travel. Her fears were seen through her tears, though harder I tried, at last I too cried.

Leaving you two was a torment as life seems to be dormant. Deep down with my new hope life seems to be a glad rope. I am now ready to travel miles with my new love but is it the reality to bring those smiles?

Days passed and things changed and the traces of love erased, now again I think of you. I am being measured with the clothes I wear this time I swear.

I feel to be in cage and things are now savage, I am bound to think of you the true love is only from you. I miss you, I want to hug you and now will you bring me back?

I am now abused for the clothes I have used.  My thoughts are buried as the orthodox elements are now being carried. Now, I am a mother of a girl proudly stating to bestow the care for her. I could see the change of colors of your hair I am unable to dare; to share the pain I have carried so far. I want to come back to you to share the pain and live with you.

The love I tried to fetch from him is now blurred; will you be there if I misplace from here? Now, I am lost between memories and experiences, love for him has marked ugly traces.

 I am now broken the world seems to be shaken with the thoughts and the pain which I never want to regain.  Thanks for  the space in your heart  which you kept as  covert;  I am now in your family back again with a  new soul  to see the glory  in the face of my daughter.

Life has shown me a new facet which I can’t keep as a secret.  Oh! My father I am proud to be a daughter keen to be a fighter against the hypocrisy which has covered the democracy.

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