Is Microsoft edge the same as Internet Explorer

Is Microsoft edge the same as Internet Explorer?

Microsoft introduced Edge as the default browser and it was released alongside Windows 10 in 2015. However, Internet explorer and Edge both offer private browsing modes, tabs and Bing search. Based on tests like Peacekeeper and Sun Spider, they both exhibit similar performance and speed. There are no differences between the two browsers when it comes to download management and privacy settings as well. However, in few aspects, they both are very different. To know more, keep reading.

Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer: What’s the difference?

No it’s not. It may look like the blue “E” icon for Edge is identical to the one for Internet Explorer, but in fact the two programmes serve different purposes. The Microsoft Edge web browser was initially made available for Xbox One and Windows 10. Internet Explorer is not Edge, but a new browser that is designed to gradually replace it. In Edge, there are a number of features and improvements that make it attractive to users. In this article, we’ll take a look at Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer and make some brief comparisons between the two

  • Security– The biggest problem facing Web users is security. Security problems have plagued Internet Explorer since its early days, and the situation continues today. However, in Edge, Windows 10’s Passport security system integrates seamlessly with Edge’s password management. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is included into Microsoft Edge and can assist detect malicious websites that could contain phishing or malware. To assist you identify potential threats, SmartScreen also analyses any downloads you make. So, edge has better security system compared to Internet explorer
  • Portability– In the first place, it’s important to note that not all the browsers are compatible with all operating systems. Internet Explorer only works on Apple’s and Microsoft’s own systems, whereas Microsoft Edge works with all the major operating systems.
  • User Interface– There isn’t a huge visual distinction between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. The UI and page layouts haven’t been drastically changed, and even the logo hasn’t been altered. Edge, however, has a number of tiny changes that collectively make it a lot more stunning browser than IE. Navigation buttons are reduced to the bare minimum in this interface, which is much more minimalistic. Everything about it is more polished than Internet Explorer’s inexplicably clumsy interface
  • Design– The user interface of Internet Explorer isn’t user-friendly since things are fluffier. The title and buttons to minimize, maximize, and close are located in a separate bar while tabs are located in the second bar. The interface and functionality of Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, are much simpler. The two rows are combined into one row in Edge to save space, allowing the second row to display a clean buttons and longer URL bar. When a page loads, it takes up most of the display, with as few buttons and boxes as possible
  • Performance– The new browser’s back end clearly shows Microsoft has worked hard on it compared to IE. In general, it works better than Explorer, feeling slick and responsive. Also, when it comes to performance, IE scored 348 out of a possible 555 on various HTML5 benchmark tests, whereas Edge scored 402 out of 555. Additionally, Explorer managed a geometric mean score of 33.9, together with throughput scores and latency scores of 34.2 and 33.7 respectively. On the other hand, Edge had throughput scores and latency scores of 45.7 and 56.4 respectively. Edge had a geometric mean score of 51.4, a modest improvement over Explorer.

So, are Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer the same thing? The answer is clearly no. Even though Edge has a similar icon to Internet Explorer, they both are two separate applications. Cortana integration and extensions hosted in the Microsoft Store are part of Edge’s development by Microsoft. Edge is a great alternative to Internet Explorer, and also it’s becoming better all the time, but it doesn’t support a lot of older technologies like BHO and ActiveX.

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