Reasons for Depression

5 Reasons for Depression

Life is mostly treated as a timeline for the performance we put on earth. However, the question about life’s rules is unanswered. The conditions of life vary from person to person and could be easy for one and hard for the other. The parallel thought of being secure and happy while withstanding the harsh reality is a task that very few have mastered. Life’s phenomenon is a mysterious cycle that shows the occurrence of the same situations unless you perceive wisdom. However, enlightened mind is the output of the art of balancing our thought process even while being happy or sad. The major inducement of the notion of being sad repose to be within us. Where we, at times, feel good about being alone with the furnishing of hymns and further catering it for long. Some individuals endorse the state of being sad, either relating to a piece of particular music or situation. Furthermore, referring to the term “depression” is a different magnitude that should be addressed or taken care of during its infantry stage. The five reasons for depression which occur within us are broached herein: –

We Neglect Others’ Perspectives


Feeling right about your perspective is not selfish, but understanding others’ perspectives is also essential. Indeed, self-thought formulates the warmth of existence for our soul. However, abandoning the ideas and views of others creates an image of a narcissist, which further shoves one to be cornered and depressed. In this era of modernism, where equality and mindfulness are the inclinations, it is essential to carry the ideology of fathoming others’ perspectives to remain active with thoughts and find new ways. Nevertheless, it also holds the ability to explore the social atmosphere and furnishes the way to look into any situation in a different facet. Discussing problems with others and understanding their views could help in escaping depression.

We Keep Searching for Life’s Meaning 

Life meaning

The verge of thoughts, situations, physical transformations or biological processes cannot be defined as the true meaning of life. The technology which has gripped the major time of human behavior with its vast array of interfaces is now diminishing the value of life. Hunting for the meaning of life carries away the practical efforts, which in a true sense, spells out life’s clarity through self-realization.

Any individual who thinks more about life’s meaning often untie with the real-life situation while feeling depressed and complaining about the mere issues of human society. You cannot afford your dream car or house, for instance, if you keep thinking about it without earning the funds. Moreover, you will end up with nothing except feeling like a failure. The best way to avoid depression is to concentrate on what makes you happy rather than searching for what makes life meaningful.

Irrational emotions


Emotions play a vital part in all human actions or reactions. On the other hand, irrational feelings can lead to potentially dangerous decisions. We all must understand the impact of emotions on actions to shield ourselves from creating havoc in life and feeling bad about it. A balanced feeling can help you lead a better life, while absurd emotions could land your life in a state of chaos and depression. Understanding the impact of your feelings before initiating any action is essential. Life’s journey requires you to understand your self-worth and strive to be emotionally balanced.

Dependent Happiness

Dependent happiness

Being dependent on someone else for your happiness is always challenging since you may be disappointed at any time, further creating a tough life for yourself. Trust and dependence in our relationships with friends, spouses, and other loved ones can also create an unseen level of dependency. It is essential to strive to make yourself happy all the time. Most people cannot avoid seeking happiness from others, for instance, when in a family setting, since men attach their happiness to their wives and vice versa. In such circumstances, many lives have been damaged by catastrophic incidents triggering mental instability, resulting in the premature death of many individuals or being carried away in a state of depression.

Fears in Life


Fear is the drug that kills your dream and ability; once you learn to resist the drug, you make room for your happiness. Unless you overcome your fears, you cannot live a happy life. It is predominant to identify your fears and get to grips with reality. Fear is within the mind, and we can achieve great success if we analyze the pathway to achieve it. We shouldn’t expect everyone in life to have a fair deal, but at least we should try. Though you might not be able to get everything you deserve, you can still create the path to what brings you joy.

I was once driven towards depression by the fear of losing in the race of life of doing nothing. My dreams began to become a reality when I realized that life is not a race but rather a canvas I could decorate with the colors of my thoughts and actions. Currently, I am an entrepreneur and a writer, creating jobs for aspirants. Having overcome my fear of losing, I am now pursuing the dreams of generating employment, which is an accomplishment. Depression is a serious problem and could be dangerous for life. It is essential to understand the reasons for depression and fight back before it turns acute. 

 Let’s help to fight depression!

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  1. Your given 5 reasons are certainly valuable in the eyes of reality to come out from the world of depression .

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