Which phone is better than OnePlus

Which phone is better than OnePlus?

Smartphones are a big investment, so in order to get the best bang for your buck; you need a phone which is definitely worth the investment. Right? So, if you have noticed carefully, the top few brands in the race are Samsung, OnePlus and Iphone. So which phone is better than OnePlus? As a way to determine whether Samsung or iPhone are better than One Plus, I will compare Samsung and iPhone with One Plus.

Oneplus or Samsung– Which is better?

In the new decade, does Samsung outperform OnePlus? Regardless of whether I sound biased, I believe that it is. In order to understand why Samsung is considered a superior OEM and why Customers of Samsung’s new released models are more likely to enjoy their user experience over OnePlus, let’s delve into the following reasons:

  • Software support for OnePlus has degraded– OnePlus has not only given up on the goal of a pure Android OS, but it has also recently stopped providing the industry’s top-tier firmware support. However, Samsung backs up certain Galaxy devices with major security updates for 4 years.
  • No ecosystem for OnePlus devices– OnePlus can’t compete with Samsung’s ecosystem of hardware and services, which is an advantage of purchasing a Samsung smartphone. Since Samsung has a more robust ecosystem, Oneplus is at a disadvantage. As the market leader in premium Android smartphones, Samsung has complete creative control over their products and can provide seamless end to end integration like sling etc. between all aspects of the user experience.
  • Samsung has a wider retail network than OnePlus – Samsung is a big OEM with many perks. In terms of retail network, Samsung dwarfs OnePlus. The Samsung customer has the ability to choose from a wide range of retailers and will receive better customer service. Also you cannot go wrong with Samsung’s Experience Stores if you love buying latest devices from retail stores. Meanwhile, OnePlus sells through less sales channels.
  • Camera quality– In terms of camera, there is a wide field of view and a close quality during the day on both phones’ ultra-wide-angle cameras. But when it comes to taking portrait photographs, Samsung’s cameras have been shown to be the best than Oneplus, successfully obscuring the background of persons while keeping the foreground crisp and clear. It takes more time for Oneplus to click in night mode and the photos are blurry, according to users. With Samsung Night mode, the camera produces vivid images without a flash, which makes it ideal for taking pictures at night.
  • Display– The displays on Samsung smartphones are better than those on Oneplus phones. In Samsung phones, the display has a high refresh rate that makes it visually smooth. A good display can also be found on Oneplus. Displays on Samsung mobile reach a brightness of 259 nits at their maximum. In contrast, Oneplus devices can operate in High Ambient Light (up to 1,444 nits) which is pretty good.
  • Processor Speed– When comparing Samsung ‘s new released models and Oneplus recent models, Samsung provides more processing power, lag-free editing, and snappier browsing performance. Oneplus comes with a snapdragon processor as well, making it very stable. The recent processor which is used in oneplus is Qualcomm snapdragon 888 for 5G phones whereas Samsung used Samsung Exynos Processor in most phones which is a in-built house processor used by Samsung. According to users, Samsung mobiles faces heating issues specially while downloading big files or playing PubG games. Somewhat unexpectedly for a high-end smartphone, a few of OnePlus 9 owners have also complained of overheating. Thus we can’t really compare these two phones in this regard. However, in terms of speed, Samsung is the best.

OnePlus or iPhone – Which is better?

In order to help you decide between the two brands, let’s examine how their smartphones differ. Let’s begin the duel between OnePlus and iPhone without further ado-

  • Operating systems– Every Apple product is powered by Apple’s own iOS. The silky smooth operation of apple phones can be attributed in large part to this technology and its built-in animations. However, OnePlus’ Oxygen OS is faster and more efficient than Apple’s iOS. So according to me, choose OnePlus if you value fast speed and the ability to tweak your phone to your liking. Or else, go for an iPhone.
  • Build quality- Even while Oneplus phones are equipped with Gorilla Glass 3, which is claimed to be exceptionally robust and shatter resistant, the truth is that if you drop your phone in a wrong way, it will shatter regardless of the quality of its protective coating. Apple’s iPhones, on the other hand, were found to be extremely resilient, with just moderate damage appearing after being dropped twice or thrice. So, when it comes to the quality of their handsets’ construction, Apple is the best option is because of the superior quality of its components.
  • Technology– The technology offered by Apple is clearly superior to that of OnePlus. Recenty Apple launched new technology software known as satellite technology which provide emergency providers with access to remote areas and allow them to seek assistance from agencies. However, such phones are not cheap. As a result, OnePlus is an affordable smartphone with all the modern technology you’d expect. Therefore, Oneplus is more affordable and offers superior value for the money than iPhone.
  • Camera Quality– Oneplus and iPhone smartphones both have good camera quality, but they differ in some ways. While the iPhone’s camera excels in low light, the Oneplus features are unrivalled. Iphones have excellent macro lenses and ultra wide cameras but the variety of shooting options available on the Oneplus is more than that of any other smartphone as well. But if you ask only about camera quality, there is no doubt that iPhone’s camera is better than Oneplus.
  • Display– Without any doubt IPhone has a better display quality. It will give you a buttery smooth experienced which you won’t get in any other smartphones. The display quality of Oneplus is also good but if compared to iPhone, display quality is far better in iPhone. One plus has both AMOLED and OLED displays, while iPhone has OLED retina displays. When used in direct sunshine, the newest iPhones’ displays can reach a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits—an increase of 100% over prior models. In terms of display brightness, Oneplus has a peak of 1,655 nits in new models
  • Processor Speed– OnePlus OS has a faster processing speed than that of Apple’s iPhones, despite the iPhone’s reputation for being a smooth device. Oneplus uses the Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor for new 5G device models whereas Iphone uses A16 Bionic chip for all the latest models. The iPhone is equipped with 2x high-performance processing cores compared to Oneplus. Thus, In terms of processing speed, iPhone phones come out on top.


Over the past five years, both Samsung and OnePlus have undergone significant changes, and while OnePlus may have once been seen as a danger to Samsung and other OEMs, this is no longer the case. However, it looks that Samsung has taken lessons from OnePlus recently in few areas that count while the smaller business has essentially abandoned its aspirations to lead. Thus, it is now satisfied to follow in the footsteps of larger OEMs like Samsung, which serves as one of those OEMs’ inspirations.

The Samsung product portfolio and IoT ecosystem are both more extensive than those offered by OnePlus. Besides excelling at software support, it has an unbeatable retail network. So according to me, if you compare between Samsung and one plus, Samsung is the best and if you have enough budgets and still compare iPhone with oneplus, IPhone is undeniably the best.

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